Trabant rally:

  • Budapest Rally - – Retro adventure in the capital, sightseeing in a Trabant.
  • Country Rally - Visiting sites in the countryside, discovering routes and the landscape in a Trabant.
  • Plain Rally - Adventures in nature on the Hungarian plains.
  • Memorial Tours - Border opening in 1989 and other retro routes.
  • Wedding Procession - The couple or even all of the wedding guests arrive in a Trabant on the big day.

Trabant Games:

  • Changing Tyres - How fast can you change the tyre of a Trabant by using a retro jack and wrench?
  • Trabant Puzzle - A jigsaw puzzle has to be put together from the pictures of the cars in our fleet, which is timed. Can you find your car?
  • Flintstones trabi - Getting around with a Flintstones Trabi without wheels, because this is the only way to go.
  • Trabant Giant Puzzle - Timed skills game in which a life-size Trabant has to be assembled.
  • Skidding on Ice with a Trabant - It’s a real challenge to complete the obstacle course with wheels turning in all directions. Just like skidding on ice!
  • Trabant Slalom - Trabant skills test in which you have to drive through an obstacle course wthout making any mistakes.
  • Push the Trabant - How fast can the passengers push their car with the driver sitting in it through the obstacle course?
  • Cramming into a Trabant - How many people fit in a Trabi? What about with all the luggage?
  • Board Rally and other Games of the Plain - Retro team-building games in a Trabant spirit.
  • Trabant Tug of War - Which team can pull the Trabant over to their side?

Trabant Van Gogh:

  • Trabant Painting - White cars are painted in exciting colours with the paint, paintbrushes and sprays provided and by wearing protective clothing.

Sightseeing Tours:

  • Sightseeing in Budapest - Three-hour long guided tour of Budapest in English or German.
  • Sightseeing in a Trabant Limozine - With a chauffeur and guide in English and German

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